All styles use responsibly sourced earth-mined diamonds and gemstones, and are solid 14K (never plated) gold!

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Saint Simone honors this beautiful planet and desires to keep it so for generations to come. We work with vendors who are committed to making the necessary changes to their supply chain to meet the sustainable development and net-zero goals set by the United Nations. Change takes time and to participate in the present as these innovations take place, Saint Simone sends $3.00 per transaction to Terrapass to offset any emissions produced during the process. Saint Simone acknowledges that offset strategies cannot be the only measure to ensure sustainability efforts and will continue to evolve as tools and resources become available to niche brands. Social impact initiatives are an often overlooked aspect of meeting the sustainable development goals set by the UN. We acknowledge this and set aside $3.00 per sale to put towards various equity scholarships. We welcome any suggestions to improve our commitment to the planet and people of this world; please email us at